Hair Supreme work closely with clients and event organisers to deliver a comprehensive and bespoke package.

Our team of hair, make up and beauty stylists work at the venue and are managed by a dedicated project manager at Hair Supreme. Clients receive a detailed strategy for their event citing specific designs and techniques to ensure cohesion with their theme.
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Through HairSupreme, you are able to book London’s highest quality bridal hair stylists for your special day. Our team of professionals will plan and create, along with the bride, the design and feel of the hair prior to the event. Inspiration for the hair design can be drawn from the various other elements of the day incorporating the flowers, dress, music, venue and the personality of the bride.

We offer many packages, ranging from the bride alone to balancing the style of the whole bridal party. The attention to detail that is displayed in all other aspects of the wedding is followed through to the hair design.
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Film, Fashion & Media

Our clients know that Hair Supreme design and deliver hair and make up that fits the brief. Our session stylists are vastly experienced in designing hair for event days and executing the work in the method and timescale required. Each hairdresser has their specific strengths, the project’s style, schedule and location help to determine which stylist is chosen.

Every aspect of our work is carefully managed, designs are produced for approval by the client prior to the session and the chosen stylists will complete the work at the venue within the planned timeline. Hair Supreme will always brief a reserve stylist prior to the event to ensure the project is fulfilled.
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Photoshoots & Fashion Shows

HairSupreme’s session stylists are vastly experienced in designing hair for event days and executing the work in the method and timescales required. Each hairdresser has their specific strengths. Part of the planning process entails us understanding the influences on the event, the specific styles, timings etc. It is once we have this information that the most appropriate stylists and colourists can be chosen for the job at hand. All the work is planned, timings are established and client approval of the specific designs are received prior to the event.
On the day, the most appropriate hairdressers will complete the chosen and agreed upon styles within the pre-planned timeline. A reserve stylist will have been briefed prior to the event, so as they will be available if required on the day. The show will go on!

Client approval of every aspect of our work is received prior to the event.
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Through HairSupreme, Hotels are now able to offer their clients the highest quality hair dressing available in the comfort of their hotel room.

Guests are able to enjoy exclusive Mayfair salon services without having to leave their 5 star accommodation.

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